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 Requirement and Application format

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PostSubject: Requirement and Application format   Wed Jun 06, 2007 11:54 pm

Requirements and Application Format

Hello and welcome!
Thank you for your interest in Prima Vista. To become a member of our Linkshell, you need to read, understand, and follow the rules.

Our Rules can be found here:

Since Prima Vista is an european Limbus-Linkshell you shoud live in Europe. However, even people from other continents can be allowed to join when their usual playtime is during the european primetime.

You should be able to speak proper english in order to understand everything, to state your opinions, to chat with your Linkshell mates, to carry out commands during battle and so on.


- Rank 6+
- Chains of Promathia Mission 7-1+ (no requirement atm)
- At least one Job at Lv. 75+

BLM Lv.75+ - Recruiting
BLU Lv.75+ - Recruiting
BRD Lv.75+ - Recruiting
BST Lv.75+ - Recruiting
COR Lv.75+ - Recruiting
DRG Lv.75+ - Recruiting
DRK Lv.75+ - Recruiting
MNK Lv.75+ - Recruiting
NIN Lv.75+ - Recruiting
PLD Lv.75+ - Recruiting
PUP Lv.75+ - Recruiting
RDM Lv.75+ - Recruiting
RNG Lv.75+ - Recruiting
SAM Lv.75+ - Recruiting
SMN Lv.75+ - Recruiting
THF Lv.75+ - Recruiting
WAR Lv.75+ - Recruiting
WHM Lv.75+ - Recruiting

What we do expect

- Know your job. You should have all appropriate subjobs leveled and know what you need for certain situations.
- Know the game. Knowing other jobs is as important as knowing your own. We work much better as a team when everyone knows what to expect from everyone else.
- Know where to go. By this point in the game you should have a good idea of where everything is.

What we are NOT looking for

- People who make an idiot out of themselves in front of the entire server.
- People who like to flame and spam on KI or other Community Pages without respect for anyone or anything.
- People with a bad reputation who repeatedly make their reputation worse.
- People who are out to benefit themselves, and will only think of themselves and their own gain.
- Mages who are missing incredibly important spells for their subjob (i.e. Erase).

If you meet all requirements and wish to apply create a new Topic within this Board, copy and paste the following questions, answer them, and be patient until the Leader or a Council replys.

Topic Format: [Application] Name

1. Character Name:
2. Character's Race:
3.a Main Job and level:
3.b Applicable subjobs and levels:
4.a Additional 70+ jobs:
4.b Applicable subjobs and levels:
5. Nation and Rank:
6. Promathia Mission Status:

7. Your location and timezone:
8. When are you usually online (please use GMT +/-):
9. Where did you hear about Prima Vista?:
10. Why do you want to join Prima Vista?:
11. Is there anyone in Prima Vista who knows you and will vouch for you?:
12. What do you expect from Prima Vista?:

13. Does anyone else have access to your account?:
14. Please give us some additional information about yourself:

Good Luck!
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Requirement and Application format
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